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How to Break Your Email Addiction: Tips and Strategies

How to Break Your Email Addiction: Tips and Strategies


If the constant pings of new emails, comments, and notifications have ever gotten in the way of your work, you’re not the only one. It turns out that those annoying notifications trick our brains into giving us a dopamine hit. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel pleasure and reward, and if it keeps being released, it can become addictive. Read on to find out how to get out of the trap of being hooked on email. Click to view a 90 second video on how to break your email addiction.

What Causes This Addiction?

When we hear a ping that means we have a new email, comment, or other type of notification, our brains get a hit of dopamine. This is because dopamine is a reward chemical that is released when we get what we want. But if this habit gets out of hand, it can quickly turn into an addiction that makes it hard to get things done.

How To Combat the Email Addiction:

The best way to stop being addicted to email is to schedule set times to check it instead of doing it all day long. Setting aside specific times during the day to answer emails and other notifications will help you stay focused on doing your best work when you’re not getting emails. Turning off all audible alerts for new messages can also help limit distractions and stop people from checking their phones all the time.

Finally, simple rules like not checking email first thing in the morning or after dinner can also help break this habit. If you can’t follow these steps, try replacing bad habits with good ones, like taking short breaks during the day or doing other things that are more productive than scrolling through your inbox repeatedly. Email addiction isn’t going away any time soon, but with some simple strategies and self-control, you can regain control over your inbox without losing productivity or missing important updates from co-workers or clients. So, now that you know what makes you want to keep checking your email and how to stop, take control of your inbox today.!




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